Welcome Translators!!


If you're here, then you're either curious about

  1. Becoming a Translator
  2. Doing your work as a translator

GlotPress is the system we are using here. Same as they use at WordPress. It's surprisingly easy, and you'll find a few videos further down the page giving you a tour for both Translators and Validators..

How does it work?

  1. New strings will appear here in GlotPress, ready to be translated by you. As a translator, you can pick any string needing work, and suggest a translation for it.
  2. It then gets saved, with a yellow background, ready to be reviewed by a validator for approval.
  3. Once a string has been approved, the background color changes to green, indicating that no work should be needed.

And that is it.

As required, I'll be sending the language files back to the BeaverBuilder office to be included in the next releases of the plugin and themes.

If you want to talk about things, I suggest we hang out in the #bb-translations channel on the Beaver Slack at http://beaverbuilders.slack.com. If you're not registered already, you can invite yourself at https://beaverbuilders.herokuapp.com.

A big thank you for your work on this. I look forward to getting to know you all 🙂

Gerard (@nomad411)